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3 de agosto.- UNA LARGA HISTORIA DE AMOR (Plitvicka Jezera - CROACIA)

Throughout life, our explorations by forests and mountains, many times we have gone two or three hours to find a waterfall, highlight of the trip where we stop for a few minutes ... .for then take the path of he came back. In the Plitvice Lakes National Park (http://www.np-plitvicka-jezera.hr/) twenty minutes to get you in front of twenty waterfalls, and further progress will you have more and more jumps , streams, viewpoints, turquoise lagoons, and gushing waterfalls that form a labyrinth open pit in the middle of a mountain happy with 1267 known varieties of plants, including 55 types of orchids.

Much of the mystery is explained by the existence of sixteen lakes located at different heights and conveniently interconnected. Salts waters carrying an effect of calcification of plants that come into contact with them and, with the passage of time become tufa: porous rock and light that is acquiring the most diverse forms. A sample of dams, bridges and islets have been changing by the action of rivers, which are the real architects of this habitat in which 300 species of butterflies live with birds, wolves and chunky brown bear (do not panic because it is shy and is not seen just like that).

To visit this made based on the Hotel Degenija (www.hotel-degenija.com) five kilometers from the entrance of the park No. 1 blast. We stayed in the annex which was sympathetic and appropriate, reasonably priced, good parking spaces and a restaurant serving simple and highly popular food (book a table to avoid a long queue).

The furious nature lovers could spend a lifetime in Plitvice but we caught up with us six hours to bring us an idea of ​​the charms of the park, combining walk, drive 20 minutes in a silent electric boat, plus hiking and ecological trencito who kindly took us back to the starting point. Each step another surprise in store for us as we move through the corridors of this gigantic Natural Alhambra where the sound of the water plays an endless and majestic symphony.

As a coda of glittering concert we had witnessed was leaving us time to explore the cave Barac (12 kilometers from the park, guided tour of 45 minutes) where it is suspected that 6000 years ago there were human settlements.

Back at the hotel with the twilight we feel the satisfaction of having spied backstage scenes patient and fruitful romance between trees, water and stones; in this corner of the world where it is confirmed that we are not governed by chance. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is an obvious sign that in creation there is a plan, and that the best we can do for ourselves and our descendants is to discover and enjoy it with gratitude and tenderness.


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