Embajada en HUNGRÍA

14 de abril. Escondidos en Memento Park (Conversaciones con Fabrizio).

Dad, Who are all these guys?
They're statues during the Communist era-from the end of World War II until 1990 were in places and very important places in Budapest. They had been put to celebrate that he was founding a new society, a new way to organize.
And Why brought over here?
Hungarian -The were not very happy with these sculptures that reminded them of the Soviet occupation, established limits They imposed and lack of democracy. When they could hold free elections in 1990 and the Soviet army was seized and removed.
Why not broke?
'Actually, Some were broken. Fijate those boots that are by themselves there on that pedestal. Whoever was in there was Stalin. People shattered most of that statue. These other the left because it seemed nice, or because they were not as unfriendly as Stalin, or testimony of a time that has passed.
-A You ... do you like?
-For My taste are quite figurative and in some cases were built more as propaganda than as works of art. But those two are pretty cute. Probably the only sculptural representation of Marx and Engels in Cubist style. The other is Lenin.
-A Me I get a little scared.
'Actually there were always people who had them a little scared. Rest assured you are not going to do anything.
'And this man so big that runs desperate with a scarf in hand?
It's the monument to the Republic of Councils, the first Hungarian workers' state, after the First World War .
Look at those two big hands holding a ball ...
'the sphere represents the communist ideas developed within the labor movement and protect both hands and show it to the world.
- much imagination for artists!
- Yes, and dictatorships do not count.
What sold at the kiosk?
- sell music, uniforms, and other objects from the period of communism. They also sell a movie that used to teach spies to find out what people did.
'Now no more schools spy, right?
No, now those things you learn in marketing courses.
' And all these statues will stay here forever?
Maybe. Or until some alienated the destruction or other truly nutty open the door and let them go out again.
Dad ... Can we play a little hide and seek?
Well dale. Who's hiding first?


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